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Cinematographic, orchestral EM, instrumental music, with ethnic influences and ambient textures.


Sylvain Carel

Label : Sylvain Carel - Copyright : Sylvain Carel - Date de sortie : 2015--
Styles : Easy Listening World World
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Prix : 7.90 €
Cet album contient du contenu numérique (livret, photos...)
Calypso 06:38
Last Kingdom 04:36
Gardens of Sethi 08:00
Where Are You 04:20
Samouraï in Love 05:48
The Incense and The River 06:53
Waterlily 05:45
Back to Hampi 05:57
Behind the Forest 03:14
Song for Oceans 04:42
The Fairy and The Little Girl 05:43
Time 03:49
The Amber Stone Monastary 04:50
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French composer Sylvain Carel’s music is an expertly crafted blend of contemporary, instrumental electronic music with strong ethnic influences.
Combining synths, guitar and various other acoustic instruments, rhythms and vocal textures, the music is an extraordinarily captivating and varied soundtrack style.
Sylvain has traveled extensively throughout Middle East and Asia, experiencing firsthand the diversity of cultures and the historic threads that weave together connecting us all.
The goal is to combine visual elements of places, people and events with sounds.
The resulting album “Aroma” is full of richly textured and highly expressive musical impressions intended 'to take the listener on the same journey I had experienced'.
Captivating melodies and nuanced ambient textures provide to this epic musical odyssey an instinctive ambient sensibility .

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